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  • Biblical -- we believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God

  • Global -- we are a worldwide family of churches with more than 70 million people in 161 countries. 

  • Reformational -- we are shaped by the theological reforms of the English Reformation 500 years ago

  • Ancient -- we are rooted in the ancient faith of the 1st-century church as passed down by Apostles and the church fathers, through the Creeds

  • Diverse -- we are united in the essential doctrines of Christianity, but we allow for differences on secondary doctrines which provides a wide range of Anglican expressions

  • Common Prayer -- we share a common form of liturgical prayer and worship which unifies our churches in the rhythms and language of our ancient faith. 

  • Ordained Ministry --  we embrace the threefold order of ordained ministry that emerged early in the life of the Church: bishops, presbyters/priests, and deacons




At All Saints & Sinners, we are shaped by and reflect the “three streams” of Christian expression: Scripture, Sacrament, and Spirit.  These are sometimes referred to as the evangelical, sacramental, and charismatic streams.  These streams have characterized the Anglican tradition for hundreds of years.  What this means is that we are submitted to the authority of the Scriptures, committed to the richness of ancient worship and the sacraments, and dependent on the power and work of the Holy Spirit who lives in and among us.




Anglican spirituality places an important role on remembering the different seasons of the Christian life.  The Christian life has different seasons to it just as the seasons of nature.  Spring, summer, fall, and winter can be powerful reminders of the seasons and rhythms of the spiritual life. The early church began to remember the various themes of the gospel by celebrating different seasons of the Christian year. 



  • The 4 weeks leading up to Christmas

  • A time of solemn preparation for the coming of Christ


  • December 25 to January 5

  • A time to celebrate the birth of Christ


  • January 6 to Ash Wednesday

  • A time to celebrate that Jesus is the Messiah for all nations


  • Ash Wednesday to Easter Saturday

  • A time of repentance, fasting, reflection, and preparation for Easter

Holy Week

  • Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday

  • A time to observe Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, his Last Supper with the disciples, his death on the cross, and his burial in the tomb


  • Resurrection Sunday and the Next 5 Sundays

  • A time to celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead.  This is the most important time in the Church year.


  • Pentecost Sunday

  • A time to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon all the peoples of the earth

Ordinary Time

  • Sunday After Pentecost to Sunday Before Advent

  • A time in between times to focus upon the growth and life of the Church